Arizona Mechanic’s Liens

Who May Claim: Except for an owner-occupied dwelling (residential structure designed for two families or fewer, with
record title owner’s intention to reside in the structure for at least 30 days total during the 12 months immediately following completion) or when a “lien discharge” payment bond in lieu of lien is recorded as per statute, every person who labors or furnishes professional services (holding a valid certificate of registration and has a written contract with the owner of the property or with an architect who has a written agreement with the owner of the property), or materials, machinery, fixtures or tools to be used in the construction, alteration or repair of any building or other structure or improvement whatsoever, shall have a lien thereon for the work or labor done or professional services, materials, machinery, fixture or tools furnished, whether said work was done, or articles were furnished, at the instance of the owner of the building, structure or improvement, or the owner’s agent.