Do You Need A Mechanic’s Lien Attorney?

What is a Mechanic’s Lien?

Mechanic’s lien laws are aimed at providing restitution for unpaid contractors and builders for work done on real property to the benefit and unjust enrichment of the property owner. Each state has its own specific laws that govern the rights and avenues available to unpaid contractors, workers and suppliers. These state specific laws are complex and require strict compliance for you to be successful in a mechanic’s lien claim.

Who can claim a Mechanic’s Lien?

Contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors, suppliers and anyone who contributes to a construction project is entitled to mechanic’s lien claim against the property for the value of their work. To enforce a mechanic’s lien, a party must prove that it provided material or services that were included in the project or that the party was employed by a contractor, sub-contractor, construction manager, architect, engineer etc. on the particular project. Since each state has its own specific laws governing mechanic’s lien claims, it is extremely important for you to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in your state’s specific mechanic’s lien laws and required claim procedures.