Nevada Mechanic’s Liens

Who May Claim: Every person who performs labor upon or furnishes material of the value of $500 or more to be used in the construction, alteration or repair of any building or other structure is entitled to assert a claim of lien upon the property and buildings. In addition to those lien rights, all miners, laborers and others who work or perform labor in the amount of $500 or more upon any mine or upon any shaft or tunnel or other excavation have a lien upon the mine. If a license is required to do the work, however, only a contractor licensed pursuant to Nevada Statute, an employee of such contractor or a person who furnishes material to be used in the project may have a lien as described above.

Nevada Mechanic’s Liens Requirements

  • Pre-lien, called Notice of Right of Lien, is required, delivered or sent certified mail to owner, general, subcontractor
  • 15 day notice is required for residential construction projects delivered or sent certified mail to owner, general contractor
  • Serve the Notice of Lien upon the property owner within 30 day after recording the Notice of Lien
  • The lien is effective for 6 months from the date the Notice of Lien was recorded. A lawsuit must be initiated within that time unless the time to commence the lawsuit has been extended by written agreement.
  • Wait 30 days from recording the Notice of Lien to initiate a lien foreclosure action.
  • Notice of Foreclosure must be published for 3 consecutive weeks in the newspaper
  • In Nevada, attorneys’ fees are awardable to the prevailing party.